Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Don't Agree with the EBDI Opposers

Recently in the news there has been increased opposition to the EBDI development adjacent to the Johns Hopkins Hospital. It has grown to the point where local representatives are going to seek to block any further development or changes to the plan, including seeking an injunction to halt the new Public Health Lab already under construction (which I doubt will happen). They contest that not enough of what was promised will come to fruition, and too many of the original residents have been displaced. While I am disappointed that the original plans for EBDI are unlikely to happen. I don't see the benefit of stopping what is happening. Moreover, I dont agree with their stance.

The Mid-East neighborhoods surrounding JHH have long been in shambles, with most of the housing abandoned and dilapidated. What has occured over the past few years has been a significant improvement, new market-rate and affordable housing (which many former residents have moved into). New office and lab space, a new residential tower for JHU students, the new public health lab which will add jobs, a new home for the Berman Bioethics Institute is now in an old police station which was completely rehabbed, a small new park. There are three new retail spaces set to open this summer, with a Wahlgreen's in the near future. How do you not call this progress? The new life in the neighborhood will only seek to improve the chances of development on neighboring block. There is already more street traffic with the buildings that have opened. Can these local officials not see the what will happen in the next few months? years?

I'm not in favor of bulldozing the past, but the cold reality is that the neighborhood surrounding JHH was long gone, and the rowhomes in terrible condition after years of neglect by both the city, and yes by the residents of the community. EBDI and JHH are trying to make something new and jump start what can be the new community, that is much more diverse with the influx of newer people who might actually want to take care of their new neighborhood.

Just something to think about.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Orioles Keep Going

O's beat the Nationals again today for their 5th in a row, and an American League best 27 wins. Adams Jones got another dinger (his 15th on the year), and so did Nick Markakis. I don't know about you, but this Orioles team is putting some much needed energy into this city. Here's to keeping the good vibes alive throughout the summer!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nice Weather Is Here

Hey, so we're actually having a spring in Baltimore this year. The weather has been pleasant, and we've had some decent rain, so everything isn't dried out already. I'm sure all the new trees the city has been planting in the past few weeks enjoy that, seeing has the city rarely waters them, and you cannot expect the property owners too (even though they are supposed to).

With the nice weather, along come the people hitting the streets. The Inner Harbor was packed today with throngs of residents and visitors. By all of the orange and black it appears a lot of people were hanging around waiting for the O's game. There were nearly 27,000 fans at Camden Yards last night, and 32,800 tonight (wow). If the O's keep playing like they have been, Camden Yards will be full all summer long.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Downtown Cluster

Anyone stuck in the downtown gridlock during rush hour? I didn't but it seems extra heavy for a Thursday. So here's the thing. Since the JFX has a lane closed northbound, a lot of drivers have sought to avoid the lower stretch as much as possible. Today, Charles Street around the Monument was shut down to accomodate the set up of the the Flower Mart which starts tomorrow. And with that you get the massive gridlock downtown as people try to find other ways out of town!

If only we had a better transit system!