Sunday, January 22, 2012

Well That Sucked

A couple observations from the Ravens game.

The Ravens really played a great game, but fell in the end because of a dropped pass and a blown kick. We always like to blame it on the end of the game,but there were many missed opportunities and poor calls by our NFL refs.

For all those Patriots fans out there. You and Tom Brady didn't win the game, the Ravens blew it. You were outplayed on both sides of the football, and Tom Brady has no room to claim he lead the Patriots to victory. he was picked off, even though two were overturned on questionable flags, an the defense made him throw poorly. Like always he got lucky.

NFL officiating was poor...again. Inconsistency killed the Ravens chance to pull away with the lead. A receiver can be on the ground and catch the ball but when a player has both feet on the ground with the ball in the end zone and the ball is knocked out its incomplete because he didn't hold it long enough.

Bad spots and questionable penalties went against the Ravens, yet unsportsmanlike jabs and late out of bounds hits went uncalled.

Hold your heads up high Ravens, you played a good game. And you can walk away into the off season knowing that. Unfortunately the NFL doesn't reward that

Let's Go Ravens!

The Purple and Black are in Foxborough to introduce the Patriots to Ball So Hard University. Let's go Ravens!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Poe Toaster No Show for Third Year in a Row,0,3331884.story

Could this be the end of the tradition? Stretching back to the 1940s, a man dressed in black has left roses and a half-bottle of cognac on Poe's grave at Westminster Hall Burying Grounds (the original marked by a cenotaph at the back of the burial ground, not the current site up front) on the anniversary of his birth. This last happened in 2009, and since then no Poe Toaster.

There has been speculation over who the Toaster may have been, and it may have been that the man died. Seeing as the Toaster had been making rounds for 60 years, the original toaster passed along the tradition in 1998, and the second Toaster stopped after 2009.

So it looks like an old tradition has passed in Baltimore, but this is no reason to forget about our good friend Edgar. The Edgar Allen Poe House & Museum is at 203 Amity Street and Poe's Grave can be visited at Westminster Hall Burying Grounds from 8am until Dusk at Fayette and Greene Streets.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Morning Review

  • Everything is going Purple: If you haven't taken a look around town you should because it's getting Purple for the Ravens. Baltimore City Hall and the Battle Monument are lit up with Purple and many businesses have put purple filters on their lights to support the Purple & Black. The Ravens logo has been painted on both Federal Hill and War Memorial Plaza.
  • Heavy Seas Ale House is set to open up on February 15th in the Tack Factory on Bank Street. Only a few more weeks!
  • In other Brewing news, Charm City Brewing Company could begin brewing this spring at a site at 401 E. 30th Street just easy of JHU in Abell. The new brewery will be a co-op that will allow Baltimore-Washington Brew Works which makes The Raven, and Oliver Breweries which makes beer for The Pratt Street Alehouse expand their capacity and distribution.
  • Loyola basketball jumps to an 11-4 record while Towson sets the NCAA Division I record for most consecutive losses at 35.
  • Another construction crane: Work began a few weeks ago on a new parking garage on the JHH campus next to the almost finished housing tower. You can expect to see an addition tower crane go up this month for the new State Public Health Lab.
  • Moving Right Along: This is the name of a temporary art exhibit at Baltimore Penn Station. Sponsored by the Contemporary Museum and featuring work by MICA students and professors, the three visual art pieces bring some interesting life to the lobby and a vacant store front in the station. Don't be surprised if you see some interesting animations "walking" by.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012 Baltimore

It's January 1, 2012 and we begin a new year in the City of Baltimore. A lot happened back in 2011, and we look forward to what's in line for the upcoming year.

Sounds like last night's Inner Harbor celebration was a fine success. For the first time in a couple years, I was able to catch the fireworks from down near the Harbor (Harbor East to be specific). As much fun it is to watch them from a rooftop deck in Federal Hill, it's a site to catch them up close and personal. For as many people who went down to the Inner Harbor, so many more Baltimoreons watched from their stoops or stood out in the street to ring in the near year with bright flashes of light and the boom of fireworks explosions.

We look forward to spreading the word about goings on in Baltimore for the new year, and we hope you follow along and let us know what's up.