Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Are We Seeing a Baltimore Renaissance?

There is a lot that is awfully wrong with this city, and the Recession really hasn't helped us out a whole deal. The murder rate is back up again (but overall violent crime is still down), there are blocks of trash strewn dilapidated neighborhoods, and stalled places like the Superblock and Old Town Mall still frustrate and confuse us. But here me out folks, we could honestly be seeing a Baltimore Renaissance happening around us.

There has been a whole lot of news recently about old office stock being sold to be developed into apartments: 10 Light St, 301 N Charles, and 114 E Lexington to name a few. All of these that are in what used to be the traditional downtown can help to create a more lively area. In so many places off the Inner Harbor, the vibrancy of the streets dies down as office workers leave after 5pm. This has the opportunity to change dramatically when the once mostly office complexes are now interspersed with residential and mixed-use buildings.

This has the potential to make for an interesting future downtown!