Sunday, January 22, 2012

Well That Sucked

A couple observations from the Ravens game.

The Ravens really played a great game, but fell in the end because of a dropped pass and a blown kick. We always like to blame it on the end of the game,but there were many missed opportunities and poor calls by our NFL refs.

For all those Patriots fans out there. You and Tom Brady didn't win the game, the Ravens blew it. You were outplayed on both sides of the football, and Tom Brady has no room to claim he lead the Patriots to victory. he was picked off, even though two were overturned on questionable flags, an the defense made him throw poorly. Like always he got lucky.

NFL officiating was poor...again. Inconsistency killed the Ravens chance to pull away with the lead. A receiver can be on the ground and catch the ball but when a player has both feet on the ground with the ball in the end zone and the ball is knocked out its incomplete because he didn't hold it long enough.

Bad spots and questionable penalties went against the Ravens, yet unsportsmanlike jabs and late out of bounds hits went uncalled.

Hold your heads up high Ravens, you played a good game. And you can walk away into the off season knowing that. Unfortunately the NFL doesn't reward that

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