Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where's the New Charm City Circulator?

It's the summer now, some may even call this the "late summer". It is around this time that Baltimore is supposed to roll out the brand spanking new Charm City Circulator, but where is this free bus service.

The one thing I've learned about Baltimore is that press releases, news updates, and service reminders come few and far between in this town. It's mid-August. We got the new name back in June, but no official route map, no official stops, nor schedule. I haven't seen any signs around the downtown area. I live down here now, I haven't seen anything.

How do you expect anyone to use this services if it's not being advertised?

There were rumors floating back earlier this summer that dedicated bus lanes were going to be painted on Lombard and Pratt Street for not only this service, but the MTA buses that use the same roads, but it doesn't look like that has happened yet.

Seems like this thing will get rolled out, without any long term warning, just in time for the major tourist season to be done, and commuters well entrenched in their normal morning and afternoon routine.


  1. I agree, everything I've heard was late summer, but I've yet to see a sign anywhere along the supposed routes indicating stops. I was really excited about this as I normally walk everywhere and loved the idea of having a frequently running alternate (as opposed to the infrequent 1 bus!) But, my excitement is waning....

  2. I was on the website today but looking for some other information and your blog popped up. The bus company (which is new to the states as far as production goes) was having some issue rolling out the fleet. They have more information about this on the site.


    Hope this helps!


  4. It does seem like this just keeps getting pushed back further and further. At first the buses were supposed to be up and running by July, then August, then late September. I have yet to see the buses and it is now October. Hopefully it won't just get swept under the rug.

    I was really hoping to use the buses for cutting my run commute to work from an 8 mile run to a 4 miler (round trip).

  5. They are launching January 11!

  6. I have ridden the new Charm City Circulator a few times since it started. The new buses are really nice, they are quiet and very smooth. The service is very convenient and the drivers have been very friendly.

  7. Reading this blog, it doesn't seem that there is much interest in this new Charm City Circulator, and I have to wonder why that is. The idea of a green bus service in a major city should draw a lot of attention. People who don't live in the city, can park and ride for FREE. This just seems like a very practical solution in a lot of ways. It's FREE and comes every 10 minutes.

  8. Free? Another burden for the taxpayers of Baltimore City. Another reason for individuals, families, and businesses to reconsider Baltimore City as a locale for residence. This program will be wildly successful, and viewed as such by the riders and management. Yet it adds one more line item to the Baltimore City budget, one more expense which the taxpayers of Baltimore City will be expected to cover without regard to their individual economic situations. Typical of collectivist Maryland.

  9. This system is funded supported by a parking tax already in place.