Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Commuters Looking for New Plans Come January

Unfortunate news coming out of MTA for Maryland Commuters, because of the budget cuts and souring economy, MTA is going to be making some cuts of their own starting in January. The MTA plan to cut 6 Commuter Bus routes and a few trains on the MARC Penn and Brunswick lines are coming at a time where mass transit is seeing one of the largest spikes in its usage. Last January the MTA announced that they would add four later MARC trips, to take advantage of later riders. Now, a year later, two of them, the 447 to DC and the 448 to Baltimore, are planning on being cut.

In August, Gov. O'Malley announced that he wanted to expand the Commuter Bus service to encourage more rides because of high gas prices, now it seems that this will be taking a step back.

The MTA had already planned to initiate weekend service on the MARC Penn Line, but this, too, seems like more of a dream than a reality at this time.

It's really disappointing that service is being cut when gas prices are still high, and all people want to do is get to work or play without having to rely on their cars every day. I would hope that our delegates in Annapolis can work out some way to fix the budget short falls in Maryland, so they won't have to keep cutting services. We need the alternatives!

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