Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good News for the Gateway at Washington Hill

(*courtesy CB Richard Ellis)

There was an article a while back about the Gateway at Washington Hill project, I think it was in the Baltimore Sun, but I can't be for certain. It mentioned that the property was sold and a new developer was looking to revitalize the program, albeit in a modified version. I was curious about the new project so I sent an email over to Kristina Kossolis at CBRE, the owner of the property, to see what the deal was. This is what she said:
"Phase 1 of the project is supposed to break ground fall of 2009 and will take 1.5 years to develop and phase two will break ground as the first phase finishes. It is the hope of the developer to bring great retail amenities along with residential units to the community."
If you are unfamiliar with the project it is bounded by Baltimore, Wolfe, Washington, and Fayette Streets. Phase 2 extends up to the next block up to Orleans St. There will be a mix of apartments and townhouses, but the best part is retail along Fayette and all in the Phase 2 section, and a grocery store anchor. Finally I will be able to grocery shop without having to go to Canton.
I don't know about you, but I am excited about this one. The ground has been bare for a while, and to see something go in there will be great. The retail is key for this area, especially with Hopkins Hospital up the street with its staff, not to mention Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health students. It should also be a good draw for residents! Let's just hope we get some good stores up there. I'm guessing at least one Starbucks.

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