Monday, October 6, 2008

New Look for Mount Royal Ave?,0,5493860.story

The Baltimore Sun reported today that MICA and UB are looking to revamp the stretch of Mount Royal Avenue between the two campuses. In an area that has thousands of students, not to mention the Myerhoff, Lyric, and Penn Station, the streetscape is not very desirable. The initiative hopes to attract retail and aesthetic improvemets to the area. Repaving Mount Royal, adding trees, reworking sidewalks, and encouraging business. UB will also use this as an opportunity to better tag its campus. In an urban setting it is difficult to tell where a school starts and ends. UB hopes to solve this problem with better signage.

With MICA opening up its new Residence Hall this year and UB planning a new Law School building on a parking lot at Charles and Mount Royal, this could create a great renaissance up there. With the successes of Station North and the ongoing renewal of the Charles Street streetscape between Madison and Mount Royal, this could generate a lot of positives. In such a densely populated area, one would think there would be more, but that isn't the case. A more pedestrian and shopper friendly area will be a key.

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