Friday, October 3, 2008

Your Baltimore Weekend Update: Phelps Phest

This weekend Baltimore is celebrating its Maryland athletes with two events on Saturday. First up is a parade in Michael Phelps' old stomping grounds of Towson. Most of the Towson streets will be shut down for the procession. The parade steps off at 3pm along York Rd at Burke Ave.

The parade is then to be followed by a Star Spangled Extravaganza at Fort McHenry. There will be a ceremonious reenacting of Phelps receiving his Gold Medals...Hey, like Defenders Day but without the British. I really like this part, reenactment of receiving Gold Medals, seriously? Didn't this just happen back in August. I'm sure it's on YouTube. Anyway, the connection is clear: American wins a Gold Medal, they play the Star Spangled Banner, the Star Spangled Banner was written in Baltimore during the attack on Fort McHenry, Phelps is from Baltimore, therefore have the Phelps celebration at Fort McHenry...brilliant!

The festivities start at 3pm at the Fort with food and entertainment. The main event starts at 7pm with fireworks at 7:50pm. National Park Service Ranger Jim Bailey told Baltimore Skyline that the NPS is expecting 18,000 people on Saturday. They haven't had this many people in one day since the Bicentennial! The parking will be shut down, so I would suggest taking MTA they have a heads up on the website:

Alright get out there and take on the weekend. Fells Fest starts tomorrow down at the Point at 11am. That means head on over to the Big Beer Garden, get yourself some suds, and enjoy the music and fun!

Take her easy Bmore.

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