Wednesday, November 12, 2008

O's Bring Baltimore Back

(Nick Markakis and Adam Jones - Courtesy of The Baltimore Sun)
Hey Orioles, you're looking snazzy in your new set of clothes! Today at the Gallery at Harborplace the Baltimore Orioles displayed their new uniforms for 2009. Maybe now, they'll have the same success as the Rays after they dropped "Devil" we'll see.
There are a lot of subtle changes including the addition of an orange stripe on the sleeves, a new patch on the left sleeve that incorporates the Maryland flag design (altough I do like the swinging bird better), and a revamped oriole bird on the hat. The biggest and most noticeable change is on the road uniform where it now says "Baltimore" in the usual O's script. Fancy that! The road uniform hasn't mentioned the name of the city since the second Washington Senators moved to Texas. They figured without the city designation on the uniform they could draw the Washington crowd. Now with the Nationals down there in D.C. the O's can bring back Baltimore. Who needs to worry anyway, it's not like the Nationals are stealing our fans.
I like it. Most of the teams in the MLB (save the Phillies, Rays, Brewers, Cardinals, and Angels) have the city name on the road uniform. Although I would like to see the Angels try to fit "Los Angeles of Anaheim" on theirs, do it, I dare you. Good job O's! Thanks for bringing back some nostalgia. Now will you please bring back some good baseball?

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  1. Maybe we'll make it to the World Series in 09!