Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Time in Baltimore

(courtesy of The Baltimore Sun)

It's my favorite time of the year, especially here in Baltimore. The lights go up on Pratt Street, the neighbors hang wreaths and trim their trees. Most importantly is the annual lighting of the Baltimore...Monument.

What a great tradition, instead of having a large city tree, we light up the most recognizable landmark in the city. So every year in early December, lights are strung up Washington's column, and are ceremoniously lit, accompanied by fireworks, music, and food.

Unfortunately, this year I couldn't make it on Thursday, I was disappointed about that. I do enjoy seeing it from a distance, or driving by while sitting on the JHU shuttle. Kudos to the city for deciding to ditch the colored lights for clear this year. Call me conservative, but I never did like colored lights outside anyways. I remember throwing fits in suburban Philadelphia, at a young age, when stringing lights on the trees with the family, and insisting that not a single light would be anything other than clear (and god forbid any of them blinked!).

If you get a chance this Holiday Season to check out Mt. Vernon Square, do so. You might also enjoy St. Paul Place that gets decked out as well. Or Fells Point with their assortment of Christmas trees in the plaza and red tape rapped light posts.

Holidays are upon us! Hope you get your shopping done.

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