Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Teixeira for the Orioles?

It doesn't look like Mark Teixeira will be wearing the Orange and Black next year. A 7-year $150 million contract just isn't enough of an incentive to play for Baltimore, in your home state of Maryland. Word on the street is the Red Sox are out in the lead with an even bigger offer. Why go play in Beantown in front of a packed crowd of Massholes in Fenway, when you can bask in the luster of Camden Yards in front of a homier, yet just as die hard fan base in Birdland! (Hey remember when the Braves picked him up in '07 hoping he would catapult them into the playoffs, and then they finished in 3rd place?)

Call me old school, but I sure wish there was still something called "team loyalty" in baseball. We haven't had a franchise player in Baltimore since Ripken, and I would hardly call B-Rob a long hauler.

Anyways, back on track. The O's did pick up Cesar Izturis from the Cardinals for a 2-year deal. He's a career .260 hitter, which isn't bad. He's a switch hitter, which will make him valuable as the starting SS.

On a positive note, anything is possible in baseball, and anything is better than last year.

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