Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Pentultimate Post of 2008

(*courtesy flickr member silentarchimedes)

As the second-to-last post of 2008, we'll recap some of the events that happened this year in Baltimore.

1.) Work finally started on the Legg Mason Tower and The Four Seasons down at Harbor East, finishing up the last of the open parcels down there. Look for more updates in 2009 as those buildings are completed and tenants move in.

2.) The DEIS was finalized for the Red Line and it looks like a light rail plan (4C) will be the one chosen. Next stop off to the Gov's office for the final say. Who knows when construction will start though

3.) Work on the Hopkins Medical Campus and East Side Redevelopment chugs along. The steel is done on the two new Hospital Towers, and one of the Bio Tech buildings is finished. Expect to see more work going on throughout 2009 and into 2010.

4.) MTA expanded its MARC schedule in January, and now a year later is reducing service to save cash. There goes any hope for weekend service on the Penn Line anytime soon.

5.) The Light Rail broke this Summer, and then was fixed, and then broke again this Fall. Even with all of that ridership is up over 15% Thanks to the patient commuter!

6.) Silo Point is complete and open to tenants. Who new a grain silo could look so good with a touch up.

7.) The Hilton Hotel was completed, and has been a major success for attracting conventions. The Zenith apartments across the street was also finished.

8.) 4 plans were presented for to the BDC for the new arena. There are a lot of promising ideas, so hopefully we'll see some construction equipment over there sometime in the future.

It's been a promising year for Baltimore, even with the financial crisis. Here's to more exciting development, sports, transportation, etc news in '09!

-Baltimore Skyline

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