Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Remember When Rash Field Had Ice Skating?

I do...well vaguely. It seems hard to believe that there isn't a place to ice skate at the Inner Harbor. One would think that it would be a no-brainer. You have the promenade, the water, the skyline, it's a great place to have a public out-door ice skating rink. Well there was Rash Field until 2003, when the rink closed down after 10 years. I remember going by it a few times during the winter when I was in college, but never had the chance to actually ice skate.

So why don't we have one anymore! We're missing on a great market here. New York has Rockefeller Center and Philadelphia has their River Rink, we need to bring it back!

There are a few ideas on the table. One is a revamped Rash Field with a garage underneath. This, I believe, is still on option. The other would be on the other side of the Harbor, apart of the Pratt Street redevelopment. Part of the plan would be to rebuilt Schaefer Plaza/Sam Smith Park into a larger public space. One of the artists renditions includes an ice rink for winter. Place right at the heart of the action would be a great place, but the Rash Field site would be more picturesque if you ask me.

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