Friday, January 23, 2009

Budget Bust

The slashing of costs to the Maryland budget is going to hurt transportation projects even more so than they already are. MDOT released its final version of its 2009-2014 capital budget and the cuts are now closer to $2.1 billion.

There is an article in The Sun that brings up two major points:

"The cuts, most of them actually deferrals of planned
projects into future years, affect virtually every phase of transportation
spending in Maryland."
"The Maryland Transit Administration will have to
defer planned improvements to its bus, light rail, MARC and subway

This is what happens when the State relies on Gas Tax revenue to support most transportation projects. If you want revenue to go to dedicated projects the State should really consider a referendum to increase the sales tax to do directly to transportation projects. How much can they really expect from the soon-to-be express toll lanes on I-95?

In related news, the Maryland school systems are losing $69 million in funding...oh great.

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  1. This is sad to hear becaue this is the time to take advantage to plan and build more transportation projects.