Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not a Good Football Day

(*courtesy The Baltimore Sun)

Eagles Lost, Ravens Lost, all in all a horrible day for football. That leaves Pittsburgh and Arizona going to the Super Bowl in Tampa.

Pittsburgh - the mortal enemies of the Ravens, and probably the only thing that could be considered a redeeming quality for the Steel City, aka Shittsburgh, aka the city Pennsylvaniansare ashamed to admit is apart of their commonwealth, aka cut your hair Polamalu! So you have a lot of bridges whoopty-freakin-do. (Pirates don't even get me started). And you injured Willis bastards!

Arizona - the team that usually comes up in the category of "worst excuses for a team in the NFL", aka the team that has only had 2 winning seasons in the last 32, aka the team whose fans can all be considered "bandwagons" after this season (even Arizona fans know they weren't Arizona fans before this year).

Kudos to the Ravens for this season. Who would've thunk it that a team that was 5-11 last season, would go 11-5 this year with a rookie quarterback. Way to go Purple 'n Black

Kudos to the Eagles as well for turning a throw-away season into a run for the playoffs, knocked off the Cowgirls and Giants, and made an NFC championship appearance. I don't feel too bad, we still had the Phillies winning the World Series!

So, Pittsburgh-Arizona Super Bowl...I'm disappointed. Only 24 days till Spring Training!

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