Sunday, January 11, 2009

What Does This Mean for Dixon?

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The news this weekend has been dominated by two major stories, one great for the city of Baltimore, one not so much. On the positive, the Ravens beat the Titans and have a date next week with the Steelers in Pittsburgh. On the negative, Sheila Dixon was indicted in a State investigation the lasted the past 3 years. The charges include theft, perjury, and misappropriation of funds. Now, which charges will be brought to court, and what this means in the long run is still in the air.

For now, though, what does this mean? Dixon is a popular mayor. She is a dedicated official who has started many initiatives - cleaner greener, fit baltimore, increased police patrols, funding for affordable housing, funding for cleaner streets, repaving, and updating streetscapes, and helped pass the smoking ban. She's helped to strengthen neighborhoods, and build community support for the Red Line.

Dixon insists on continuing her job 100% in spite of the accusations, and why shouldn't she? Until a conviction or acquittal is made she should still do her job. The last thing this city needs right now is no one steering the ship from City Hall.

On the positive side, the Ravens are moving onto the AFC Championship game next weekend against the Steelers. Taking on our mortal enemies in Steel City. Festivus Fever is catching across the city, the purple is all over, the morale is high. Let's take it back to the Super Bowl (unless they happen to be playing the Eagles, where I will be rooting for them instead, sorry roots taking over).

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