Friday, January 9, 2009

What is Going On?

(* courtesy of The Baltimore Sun)

Switching gears here for just a moment, I don't want to comment on new construction, or proposals, or transit, or sports, but rather what is going on in this city!?!? Nine days into 2009 and there already more homicides than days...twelve. When will people learn that you cannot go shooting people in the streets in Baltimore? Unfortunately...never.

What solves the problem? We put more police on the streets, we add cameras in crime spots, we put out adds, we plead, we pray, but the results are the same.

A quote in The Baltimore Sun today, in reference to the most recent shooting, put it in perspective:

"The biggest joke is those ... cameras," said one resident, pointing to a blinking blue light police camera on the corner. He would not give his name. "They need to put cops on the streets instead of cameras," he said. "Things are getting worse by the day."

Just hoping this will all get better...thoughts?

Oh yeah and Boss Dixon got indicted today.

In better news...let's go Ravens!...nothing like football for bringing a city together

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