Thursday, February 26, 2009

Am I Getting Bigger or is the Baltimore Sun Getting Smaller?

(image credit Baltimore Magazine)

I just noticed this today, clearly it shows how often I buy a print edition of the Baltimore Sun, but when did it get smaller? It doesn't even look like a real newspaper! The Sun looks borderline tabloid, or a rather large newsletter. This is ridiculous. This isn't like the old New York Times that you could use as an umbrella when it rained and keep you and 3 of your closest colleagues dry.

Although it does make me feel a lot taller and bigger. I feel like i dwarf the newspaper. At least now when I get angry at the news I can pretty much crush the whole thing quite simply. It's made me stronger now!

The Sun has already gone through two redesigns since 2005, a reduction in staff, and quality journalism, and now a reduction in size. It feels cheap now, not like a good major city newspaper should be. Let's start charging for online news content and get the newspaper back to the way it used to be.


  1. After what happened to the Rocky Mountain News, let's be glad that we have a paper.

    I wonder how many people read their smaller newspaper "B."

  2. I have been reading "B" - I think this is the way the news is going. The ads keep the staff paid, and the readers get it for free. Newspapers didn't make much on ads anyway...but I think there's still a sector of people who like to sit down with a nice paper while they sip their morning coffee.

  3. The Sun has become a very poor excuse for a newspaper given its previous high standards of journalism when it rivaled the best in the country. H. L. Mencken would be embarrassed, as would many of the other great journalists who worked for the Sun over the generations. How art the mighty fallen. Give me the Washington Post or the New York Times any day.