Thursday, February 19, 2009

Amtrak Now Offering...Lower Fares?

Seriously? I use Amtrak a lot for work shooting up and down the Northeast Corridor, so I enrolled in their Guest Rewards program do get some bonuses...only 1,000 more points for a free cup of coffee! I got the new update for this month and guess what, Amtrak is offering, get this, LOWER FARES on Acela!

Now there's something smart, how do we get people to use intercity rail? that's right, lower the fares. Between now and June, if you purchase tickets at least 14 days in advance you can get an Acela ticket for as low as $99 from DC to NYC, $79 from Boston to NYC, and $73 from DC to Philly. In most cases this is saving up to about 25%. Now it's only a $19 difference between the regional Baltimore-Philly and the Acela, that almost makes it worth for the savings of 6 mins!

How smart is that? Seriously airlines have been doing this for years, why did it take Amtrak so long to do this!

Amtrak Acela Deal

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