Friday, February 13, 2009

The Friday Rundown

The O's are "right on track"...whatever that means

JHU is freezing hiring in an attempt to cut costs...there goes my raise!

O'Malley unveils one of the new hybrid buses at the Motor Trend International Auto how about making a decision on the RED LINE!

Slots commission throws out the proposals for Laurel Park and Rocky slots were a great idea right Annapolis?

Towson U. reached an agreement on the location of its new stadium...can't wait for more mediocre basketball in a new arena!

Last Weekend for The Baltimore Examiner...fair thee well, and thanks for giving us something better to read for the past 4 years!

Good news it's the weekend! Time to get out there, fill the tips jars at the bars, stimulate the economy by taking in the local scene. Max's Taphouse has it's Belgian Beer Festival this weekend in Fells. Auto Show's in town at the Convention Center. Benefit shows all weekend at the Senator Theatre to help them raise some dough. It'll be on the warmer side, so take advantage of it while it lasts.

From all of us here at Baltimore Skyline enjoy your weekend!

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