Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Hate it When the Recession Hurts the Arts

(flickr photo by Chauncy.Primm)

The Walters Art Museum today announced that they are cancelling an upcoming exhibit in order to cut costs. NOOOOOO!

Seriously,it's my favorite arts spot in the city. At least they are still committing to be a free institution, well for their permanent exhibits. I'm cool with that, if you really want to see something special you should pay for it.

The Walters is also slashing 7 filled positions and cutting 9 others that are currently vacant.

If you want to help out, make sure to drop off some donations. They really should think about initiating a "Donate What You Want Day". It's not making you pay anything to enter, but it puts the donation advertising right out in the open.

see the Baltimore Sun article

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