Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stimulus Money At Work

(flickr photo by blast-o-rama)

Note from MTA Maryland:

Attention MARC Riders:

Construction has begun on the replacement of the southbound platform of the Laurel MARC station. The work will be done in stages, so portions of the platform will need to be shut down throughout the duration of the project. Effective immediately, the boarding area will be limited to the platform area adjacent to the station building while work progresses on the other end of the platform. Construction of the entire project is expected to be completed by this Fall.

I haven't seen the Laurel stop in a long time, but I've seen pictures, and I'm glad this is the first station that will be getting an upgrade. It currently has a wooden deck which will replaced with a concrete deck. Improved lighting and a new shelter will be added as well.

In other transit stimulus news, the parking expansion at the West Baltimore stop on the Penn Line is also underway. This is the first phase in what will eventually be a completely revamped station and a Transit Orientation Development project. The best part of this project is that it starts to demolish the walls on part of the "Highway to Nowhere".
Keep on keepin' on with the upgrades MTA! And will someone please make a decision on the friggin' Red Line! If this were Portland it would be built by now.

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  1. "And will someone please make a decision on the friggin' Red Line!"

    Hear, hear!