Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Birds are Back in Town!

(Photo credit The Baltimore Sun)

2009 baseball kicked off for the Orioles yesterday with Opening Day against the New York Yankees, and guess what we're in 1st Place! Yeah, I know it's only the first game of the season, but guess who has 1.000 winning percentage, not the Yankees.

The O's were looking good in their snazzy new home uniforms. Not much of a change, a little less black here, a little more orange there. One noticeable difference - a big round Maryland flag inspired patch on the left sleeve. One unnoticeable difference - a tweak to the bird on the hat to make him look more like an Oriole should, you're welcome ornithologists.

It was a great day for a sell out crowd of both O's and Yankees fans. Seriously I don't blame the Yanks fan for coming to Bmore to see their team when the cheapest tickets at the new Yankee Stadium are between $14-$30. Not to mention the chances of getting single game tickets this season are the same as winning the lottery. Lower ticket prices were the only thing Yanks fans enjoyed yesterday. It didn't take long for the Orange and Black to begin drubbing C.C. Sabathia. He was sent packing with his baggy uniform down to the clubhouse in the 5th Inning. (I think Joe Biden's day on the moun proved more effective) Mark Teixeira was booed relentlessly. It was good.

The O's batted, fielded, and Jeremy Guthrie pitched really well yesterday. Game 1 down, 161 more to go. Welcome back Birds, we missed you!

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