Thursday, April 30, 2009

Coming Soon: The Return of the Rotunda

(photo credit flickr member Wysz)

Looks like the Rotunda, under the new name, Rotunda Cinemas; and new owners, Horizon Group, will reopen May 15th playing first-run movies! The first movie will be Angels and Demons, with the second movie being announced soon. The Rotunda is supposed to be the centerpiece of a massive redevelopment of the property that was originally planned to begin Spring of '08, but now doesn't look like it will start until late this year or even next year (or in the way things go these days, at all). The Grand Rotunda, as planned, would include more retail, townhouses, and a 21 story condo tower.

Well, welcome back Rotunda, we missed you. Now all the Hopkins students and Roland Park residents don't have to truck all the way down to Harbor East or up to Towson (with the high school vagrants) to catch a good flick.

There is a short article on about it.

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