Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Sidewalk Eating in Fells Point

(photo credit flickr, Indie Photo)

What a wonderful day for a walk on the water in Baltimore today. The sun is out, there is a little bit of a breeze, all-in-all the weather is fantastic. Walking through Fells Point I noticed an interesting thing, the sidewalk eating spaces have multiplied!

The newest edition, that I actually noticed the other day, was the outside seating area out Miss Irene's. Along South Ann Street they put out tables, umbrellas, and nice planters. On Thames Street they put small bar tables and umbrellas. This was a nice addition to an empty street corner.

Moving along Thames Street it seems like everyone has moved some of their tables on the sidewalk, Koopers and Slainte both have outside seating now. Thames is always a busy sidewalk with people walking dogs, getting coffee, going in-and-out of the bars, but now the sounds of dinnertime chatter, cutlery scraping plates, and beer glasses clinking permeate the air.

More and more, with initiatives likes this, Fells is becoming a more livelier place.

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