Thursday, June 25, 2009

Give Us Pedestrians a "Brake" at Crosswalks!

I enjoy my walk to work. I really like not having to sit in traffic during rush-hour. Seriously, if you can walk to work, or anywhere basically, it is highly recommended. Sure it's not "heavy cardio", but it's exercise, and it's refreshing. Until, that is, I reach crosswalks.

The intersections with lights or stop signs aren't bad in Baltimore. For the most part, I don't cross against the light, and only when there is a lot (and I stress a lot) of room; I'm saying cannot see any cars a lot. The problem places are the crosswalks where there aren't any lights or stop signs at. These are the accidents waiting to happen.

I can't tell you how many times I have stepped up to a crosswalk and looked down the street to see cars zooming my way with no intention to stop. Maybe I think it's just common courtesy for drivers to look and stop, is that asking a lot?

Well guess what drivers, it's more than common courtesy, it's Maryland State Law! You're supposed to stop if a pedestrian is attempting to use the crosswalk. Unfortunately in this town, there aren't many places with the yellow warning displays that say "Stop for Peds" or "Yield for Peds", but there needs to be more of these.

Drivers be warned, pay attention to us walkers!

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