Thursday, June 4, 2009

Links from Our Friends on the Web

Interchangeable MTA and Metro Smart Cards: Michael Dresser from the Baltimore Sun reports in his blog "Getting There" about MTA and WMATA reaching an agreement on their Smart Card Systems.

36 Reasons Why Streetcars are Better Than Buses: The Infrastructurist gives us a lot of good reasons for why streetcars beat out buses any day. More proof that the Charles Street Trolley is a good idea.

Artscape is coming up next month: Baltimore Spokes reminds Baltimoreans; if you're going to Artscape in July, ride your bike!

Expanding the Harbor Promenade: Gerald Neily with Baltimore Brew explains why the Inner Harbor Promenade should be extended down to Fort McHenry. As always, he has Google Maps to help us visualize.

Another First Thursday Concert Cancelled: This would make two cancellations on the year for First Thursdays. This time, as Sam Sessa blogs in "Midnight Sun" with the Baltimore Sun, it's the weather.

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