Thursday, June 25, 2009

A New (Green) Carsharing Option

(image credit, The Baltimore Sun)

The country's first all-electric car sharing fleet debuted yesterday in our city! How about that? Altcar's Maya 300s can go 120 miles on a single charge and 10 are available starting today at the Maryland Science Center.

These first cars are designed for city driving only. The cars are only capable of going up to 35 MPH, which will be fine for most of the city streets in Baltimore, unless you feel like you want to speed down Northern Parkway or Orleans St.

According to their website, Altcar hopes to add more cars to its fleet including highway capable hybrids in the near future. In addition to more cars, other locations with more cars will be operational around the city too.

If you want to check one of these little green eco cars the Maryland Science Center will be giving free rides with admission through July. Check it out, let us know how it works!

A questions still remains. The Baltimore City Parking Authority put out a RFP for a carsharing organization in May with a due date of June 12th. It will be interesting to see, now that Altcar has come in, if this will still be valid. Will Zipcar now attempt to expand its market now that there is competition?

Baltimore Sun article by Kayla Cross

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