Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's a Mad House! Mad House!

(image credit, lombardproject)

You have been forewarned! Don't blame me, I'm letting all of you know on this blog. If you don't read it, well that's your fault. Resurfacing and partial reconstruction of the downtown portions of Lombard Street begins today! My suggestion, don't drive down there for the foreseeable future! I wouldn't even recommend taking Fayette St to get across the CBD. The light sequence is even worse than Lombard, and it's a narrower street.

Complicating things this week is ArtScape, which will be sure to snarl traffic in the MICA/UB/Station North area of the city.

Use the Metro, Light Rail, or Buses.

Take the Fort McHenry Tunnel around the downtown area.

Take Streets north of Lombard to get across the CBD.

From the East, use Baltimore St. or Fayette St. to get to the JFX. (Lombard generally backs up into Little Italy on normal rush hours anyway)

If you find a better way to get around, by all means, let us know, and we'll spread the word!

For more information go to the project's website:

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