Thursday, July 9, 2009

No More Texting

MTA Maryland adopts a no cell or texting policy for it's operators. This follows a similar press release by WMATA this morning. Though this comes in light of Sunday's accident, there is no word if an inattentive operator was at fault.

Blog post from Michael Dresser at the Baltimore Sun.

MTA falls in line with WMATA cell/text policy
SUN EXCLUSIVE: The Maryland Transit Administration has adopted a zero-tolerance policy under which any bus, light rail or Metro subway operator found to have been using a cell phone or text-messaging device on the job will be fired even if its is a first offense.
The MTA took the action about an hour after the Washington Metro system announced a similar change in which it scrapped a three-strikes-and-you’re-out policy and said it would fire violators outright.
The decision by Administrator Paul J. Wiedefeld came just minutes after The Sun inquired about the MTA's policy in light of WMATA's announcement.
MTA spokeswoman Jawauna Greene said the agency will inform its operators' union of the change but will not bargain over it.
"There is no negotiation when it comes to public safety," she said.

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