Monday, July 6, 2009

No News Is Not Good News

(flickr photo credit, Amber Rhea)

It's been over a day since two teens were found in the middle of the southbound tracks of the Light Rail near the Lutherville Station. One died yesterday, the other died today, but why does MTA Maryland not update its riders of the situation?

Within minutes of the accident on the DC Metro, Metro's website had information regarding the situation, delays, and news updates. I would question the immediacy of a response with our counterparts.

Why is it that every time I hear news from MTA Maryland, I get it from the Sun, or WBAL or WJZ or somebody else besides MTA Maryland? This incident is just another one of those non-stories from our Public Transit folks. No press release on the website, nothing. Press Releases are few and far between on, yet you can find almost daily news updates from transportation departments in other cities (MTA, MBTA, WMATA, SEPTA, etc). Why, then, do we get nothing?

It's not to say that there isn't news in Baltimore transit. The Light Rail is getting new signage downtown, any news or updates? No. The SmartCard system is supposed to go live in October, any updates for riders who might be interested in getting one? No. Bus, Light Rail, and Metro Subway schedules changed on June 14th, any news release on the main page? No, and even then, there was no press release about what was changing. The Metro Subway is getting brand new PA/AV systems at all stations with Federal Stimulus money. You guessed it, No news there either. What about updates on the Red Line? Nothing, Green Line, Nope, Purple Line, Nada.

How do you expect to encourage ridership growth, if you don't tell your current or potential riders anything?

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  1. "pardon our progress, new rail estimated 2050."