Saturday, August 29, 2009

$1 Orioles Tickets

(image credit, baltimore orioles)

Probably the greatest idea the Baltimore Orioles have ever done. In addition to $6 College Night Fridays and $8 Bargain Tuesdays, $1 tickets in September and October are an excellent promotion.

Now the catch: These only counts for non-prime games, so no Yankees or Red Sox for a buck. There are also only 500 tickets per game for this price, so you need to be quick about it. Lastly, you can only get them online. You can't walk up to the Ticket Booth for these. Plus, there is a $.50 internet fee, so really it's the Buck-Fifty promotion, but that just doesn't sound as good.

Only a few more home series: Yanks, Texas (just in case you couldn't tell by the uniforms the Rangers are from Texas), Rays, and BoSox. So go out and see the Rangers and Rays with the family or your friends, for a hell of a lot less. Make it a whole lot cheaper by getting your dogs and sodas out at the vendors on Conway Street or Paca Street.

Now if only there was the MASN MAXIMUM ACCESS BEERS, maybe next season O's?

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