Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4-C it is for the Red Line..with some modifications

The news from Gov. O'Malley is that Alternative 4-C is the right choice for the Red Line, and that will be the Locally Preferred Alternative that will go to the Federal Government for approval. This is a huge step for this project, and hopefully with approval, will move this along to construction by 2012.

There were two big modifications to the project. One includes moving the portal down Boston Street, closer to the American Can Company. This should appease some of the detractors in Canton. The other is single tracking the Cooks Lane tunnel. I don't know how I feel about that second choice, but if it gets the Red Line built, and there is a promise that it will be double tracked then it is a good compromise. It will be a mile long single track, but the good news it the aren't any stations planned for that tunnel.

I'm sure more news will come out later today, and in the next few days and weeks. we here at Baltimore Skyline will do our best to keep you posted!

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