Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Charm City Circulator - Running Late Now...Because They Didn't Get Their S*** Together

First it was "Coming This Summer" then it was "Coming Late Summer" now it's "Coming This Fall" The Charm City Circulator keeps getting pushed back due to, as the website states, "the global economic downturn and problems with the automated supply train" Maybe they wouldn't have had this problem if the city didn't ask for a last minute design change to the front of the bus that necessitated the windshields and front panels to be replaced.

The hints should have been coming that the CCC was in fact not going to start any time soon, if you ever took a look around the proposed routes. All summer there were no signs, no dedicated lanes, no shelters, or anything going up that screamed "There's where the new circulator will be!". Instead all of these have just been recently added to along the first line along Lombard and Pratt streets.

What does "Coming this Fall" mean anyway? It's clearly not by the Autumnal Equinox, because that was yesterday. Maybe October? November? Sometime prior to the start of winter on December 21st? I would sure hope it's before that day, since the third of three lines is supposed to be operational by the end of December. That's the one that will go along Charles St. and St Paul.

Maybe the CCC missed the opportunity for all the summer tourism we get in the city, but that's OK, the three lines will be operational for all the Holiday tourists, you know the ones that do their Christmas shopping at all of the downtown retail we have out in the counties.

I'm sure this will be great when it gets up and running, but making vague announcements about start times, and proposed routes without anything definitive, does not encourage us. In fact, we're as confused as ever.


  1. They are holding off to save money. It really won't add much benefit for the cost. Look at the free water taxi. It serves 70 (at best) but costs $1.2M+. I am all for good mass transit, but that exists in rail. We should have just kept the street cars operational.

  2. Resonse:
    Agreed, while the Charm City Circulator is a good start, it's not the best solution for Baltimore's transit woes. I also question the idea of it being free. Even if they charged $1 it would help to fund/maintain the program.