Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Links from Our Friends on the Web - Baltimore Transit

Here are two responses from some good blogs on the webs about the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance's recommendation that the proposed Yellow Line, an extension of the current Central Light Rail south from BWI to Columbia and north from Penn Station to Towson, be moved ahead of the next scheduled project, the extension of the Metro Subway past Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The Transport Politic - Baltimore to Advance Yellow Line Project Ahead of Metro Extension?

Greater Greater Washington - Baltimore needs central transit, not Yellow Line extension

I'm still formulating my own take on this, since I haven't had the change to fully dive into the plan, but from what I see of it so far, the extension of the current light rail past BWI to Columbia doesn't sound like the best idea at all. It doesn't make a quick trip to anywhere. I'll get back to you all on my full report in a later post.

You can view the full report of the CMTA recommendation here: Central Maryland TOD Strategy.

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