Friday, September 25, 2009

Loyola is dead! Long Live Loyola!

Today marks the name transition of one of Baltimore's institutions of higher education. Loyola College in Maryland, founded in 1852 by the Jesuits on Holliday Street in downtown Baltimore, officially changes its name to Loyola University Maryland. While the school has had university status for many years, last year Loyola decided that a change of designation was in order to reflect its growing identity.

Over the past few weeks Loyola has been busy preparing its campus for the new name. Old signs have been brought down and replaced with shiny new ones. A grand convocation is also planned for today with two honorary degrees being awarded. Fireworks will cap off the night.

Not everyone is fine and dandy with this new name. Over the past year many students, staff, and especially Loyola alumni have voiced their opinion in opposition to the designation change. Many feel that this isn't the best decision, while others feel it's a waste of money during tough economic times (a name change can cost millions of dollars), and even others think the university is losing its tradition and commitment to the small liberal arts values, all in the name of rankings and business.

Whatever the case may be Loyola College in Maryland is out and Loyola University Maryland is in.

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