Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MARC Back on Track After Morning Problems

Here's a summary of some of the problems here this morning, late trains here, cancelled trains there. All kinds of messed up commutes this morning.  How did everything turn out?

Camden Line: Northbound trains are experiencing 15-20 minute delays though the Muirkirk/Laurel area due to signal problems.

Penn Line Update #6: Due to its severe delay, train 407 is cancelled and will depart from Baltimore as on time train 417 (8:10am), Southbound trains 513 (7:15 am) and 415 (7:40am) will operate on time making the normal stops. Northbound Express train 406 ( 7:21am) is cancelled the next northbound train will be train 408 (7:40am)

Penn Line Update #5: Due to the severe overcrowding of train 509 it will discharge passengers only from BWI station and points south. The next southbound train will train 411 expected to depart Baltimore on time (7:00 am) , again with expectations of crowded conditions. Updates to follow.

Penn Line Update #4: Train 407 will be delayed for an uncertain amount of time due to mechanical problem. The next southbound train will be train 509 maiking its normal stops. Expect overcrowded conditions. Updates to follow .

Penn Line Update #3: Train 400 enroute to Baltimore is cancelled today, train 402 (6:45 dep Wash) will make all train 400's stops to Baltimore.

Penn Line: Update #2: Train 401 departed Baltimore 30 minutes late. Due to this severe delay train 400 (5:54am dep Wash) will be cancelled, train 402 (6:45am dep Wash) will make all stops north to Baltimore.

Penn Line Update #1: Train 401 is expected to depart Baltimore approximately 30 minutes late. Updates to follow.

Penn Line: Train 401 is experiencing mechanical problems in Baltimore, expected delay approximately 15 minutes. Updates to follow.


  1. Was this the day there was a black-out from NY to DC???

    If so, this is misleading, it was totally out of MARC's hands, however, it did only last about 30 mins as opposed to the last black-out that lasted 4 hours.

    I'm gonna check though.

  2. Nevermind, i'm wrong, that was not the black-out day.