Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thank You O's

(photo credit, The Baltimore Sun)

With one last victory the Orioles are done for the season. One we would probably hope to forget, but there were many times that you entertained us, and we thank you! When you thumped the Yankees 10-5 on the first day of the season, and made C.C. Sabathia's Yankees debut a short one, we cheered! We had hoped it would have been much better after that, but unfortunately it wasn't your year. Sure it was a downer for most of the season after June, but you brought up a lot of young players and gave them their MLB debut. Thank you for bring up Matt Wieters, and Nolan Reimhold, and Brad Bergeson, young players we know will make a difference in the future with you.

We also thank you for bringing back Baltimore to your jerseys, by returning it to its rightful place on your road jerseys. That made us feel good about ourselves when we watched you on the road either following you at the stadium, or on tv. I am sure the birds and ornithologists thank you for making the Oriole bird on your hat more ornithologically correct this year. I know we didn't notice it, but they did.

Thank you for keeping the ticket prices down, having great giveaways and promotions, giving us more bobble heads, and having an amazing stadium right in the heart of this city. You entertained us on Sunday afternoons and balmy evenings all through out the summer. You let us forget about the worries of the world, and simply enjoy the American pass-time. Thanks for the smell of the grass, the crack of the bats, and the cheers of the crowd. Even when the outcome of the game wasn't great, the experience was always great.

Lastly, thank you, so much, for not losing 100 games this season. I'm not sure that would have been a milestone any one of us wanted to go through. With your backs against the wall, you won your last four games, and staved off that mark, and we thank you for that!

Enjoy the off season Orioles. We'll see you in April where we'll have a clean slate again!

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