Monday, November 30, 2009

Credit Card Readers at Shot Tower Station

I was riding the subway today and I saw that workers finally installed credit card readers on the Ticket Vending Machines at the Shot Tower/Market Place Station. They also replaced the stickers on the faregates that read "Charm Card" now.

I did not see this at the Charles Center Station or Hopkins Hospital, and I rarely ride the line further past Lexington Market, so I have no idea if this has been added anywhere else. Has anyone seen these elsewhere?

How come MTA hasn't made some announcement about this. I would have added this under "Press Release" worthy.

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  1. I rode the subway in mid November at State Center Station and saw the credit card readers had been installed already. I was wondering why they don't use a reader that also reads a debit card, although the one at State Center eventually read mine without requiring to enter the pin number. I didn't see them at Lexington Market Station in late November by the way. I thought MTA hasn't made any announcement just because the readers havn't been installed completely.