Friday, November 20, 2009

Request to Metro Subway Train Operators - Change Your Destination Signs!

Are the Metro Subway Train Operators just getting lazy, or is there seriously a problem with the metro cars? The last few times I have taken the metro subway, I've noticed a few things. First the train operators neglect to change the desitnation signs on the cars. I've noticed several times, just this week, that trains leaving the Johns Hopkins Hospital station still have "Johns Hopkins Hospital" displayed on all the cars as it's heading toward Owings Mills. In addition, several times, operators have not turned on the Automated Station Announcement system. It's not helpful for people riding along when either no station stops are being announced or they hear "Next stop is Shot Tower/Market Place" as the train pulls into Charles Center.

Now as a normal commuter we all know where we are going, and let's be honest the Metro Subway is one line, how could you possible get lost? That isn't the point though. What is important is proper protocal for Train Operators. When they aren't putting the train in the appropriate mode, they are not doing their job.

This problem definitely doesn't make it easy for visitors or first-time riders who are unfamiliar with the system. Someone trying to go to Johns Hopkins may inadvertantly be heading west bound. More importantly the automated A/V signs are supposed to help hearing and visually impaired riders to know what stations are coming up. In this case the Train Operators are doing a terrible disservice.

Has anyone else noticed these problems? I don't think I've ever seen this on the Light Rail, and those Operators have always been fairly consistant with calling out stations (although not always audibly). Let me know!

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