Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hollywood Diner (Crema Coffee Co) Now Accepts Plastic

Good news on the Hollywood Diner front, they got their credit/debit card machine going. Now, you don't have to walk in there, see the Cash Only sign, quickly check your wallet and notice it's devoid of paper currency, curse yourself mildy, and then with slumped shoulders walk back out the door. This is good news, indeed. I cannot tell you how many people I see just walk by in the mornings because they've probably already had the aforementioned encourter once or twice before.

This place is a real hidden gem of Baltimore. Enjoy it if you can!

Crema Coffee Co. at the Hollywood Diner at 400 E. Saratoga St is open Monday through Friday, 7am-5pm. When the Baltimore Farmers Market is season, they are open on Sundays too.

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