Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Transit Back Up and Running

Finally after the snow has gone and the sun has come out again, Baltimore Transit is back up and running on its normal schedule. Metro Subway and the Light Rail are running as normal, making all stops. MARC trains have also resumed normal service as of today.  MTA Maryland is still warning about slippery parking lots and a few less spots due to snow piles, but other than that it's good.

City buses are still seeing residual slowness, and some lines have still not reopened. Most streets are cleared, but many are still down lanes due to snow piles. Commuter Buses are back to normal schedules, but some bus stops are still snow covered, so be careful out there.

The Charm City Circulator continues to run on a modified schedule and route due to downtown conditions. The CCC will run until 8pm, and will not serve stops west of MLK Blvd until further notice. You can still get real-time shuttle locations on nextbus.

Thankfully there is not snow in the forecast for this week, other than the showers we're supposed to get today. In the meantime, the sun will be out and temperatures will be well above freezing, so bring on the melt. Take that snow! (Is it springtime yet?)

1 comment:

  1. It'll never melt! It will never stop snowing! It will be spring!

    (sorry, today's snow made me lose it a bit.)