Monday, March 15, 2010

Baltimore: 17th Best Place to Be Young

We're #17! We're #17! We're #17! recently listed the Best Markets in the US to be Young Adult. Baltimore came in the top 20 at #17.  The rankings were bases off of annual population growth, employment growth, share of the total population between 18-34, the share of that range that was unemployed, had a bachelor's degree, and those under 45 who made more than $100,000/year. The 18-34 range makes up 22.6% of the Baltimore population and 28.6% hold bachelors degrees.

Austin, TX was the top ranked city. Among other cities at the top of the list include Washington, D.C. (2), Boston (4), Seattle (9), NYC (11), San Francisco (13).

The dozen colleges in the area and the growing business and downtown renaissance in the city is a major incentive for the younger crowds to stick around in the city. (I'm sure the Federal Hill/Fells Point/Canton scene helps too). I would like to know where Baltimore has ranked in past years to see if we are increasing in our attractability for the young crowd, stablizing, or what.

How does everyone out there in Charm City feel about this?

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