Thursday, March 25, 2010

Snapshot - Penn Station

Night shot of Baltimore Pennsylvania Station. Penn Station was built in 1911 replacing an earlier train station located on the same spot. Amtrak, MARC, and the Light Rail all stop here, altough the Light Rail only arrives every 30 mins and shuttles to Camden Yards (a huge waste of an opportunity if you ask me).

There is a lot going on right now at the station.  The departure signs are being upgraded to flat screens and a large LED sign. The ceiling was just recently redone with new fans, and a Java Moon Cafe opened. The next plan on the books is to turn the upper floors into the Inn at Penn Station, although nothing has started as of yet.

The main gateway into Baltimore for anyone coming in on the train, this is one grand entrance.


  1. If only you had cropped the upper left corner from the photo!

  2. Reply:

    Yes, I know that Male/Female Statue always gets in the way. I wish they would take that down and replace it with something more modest.

  3. Ah the male/female statue.
    I'm an art student at MICA, we hate that thing too.
    In fact, a project in multiple foundation classes is to design a better monument/statue/installation to go in it's place.
    That's actually what brought me to this blog, in search of photos of Penn Station un-marred by it's presence that I can photoshop my monument into!