Thursday, April 8, 2010

The West Side as a New Arts District?

I figured that I would pass this along to insterested readers who may have missed this. Sam Sessa from Midnight Sun explains his take on the city's plan to make part of the West Side a new Arts and Entertainment District. His argument, Baltimore already has two, and the city isn't large enough for a third. What the city really needs to do is enhance stability there (and force the riff-raff off the streets). The worst aspect of that section of town, is that with all what can be good along Howard and Eutaw Street, it's a ghost town and the vibrancy dies because many do not feel confortable walking on the streets. This is why plays like WOW Wings and Lucy's close.

Anyway, I like the points he makes, hope you enjoy!

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  1. Unfortunately, Sessa and the Sun end up trashing the Highlandtown Arts District. McCauley compares apples to oranges without getting any information about arts districts throughout the state. It is a state program not a city program after all.

    If both reporters had bothered to actually walk into the neighborhood, visit other venues and talk to artists they might have been able to get their facts straight.