Sunday, May 2, 2010

Return of the Farmers Market

Today marked the return of the Baltimore Farmers Market under the JFX for the 2010 season! I have been anxiously awaiting the return since last winter, and awoke this morning with the anticipation of child waking up Christmas Day. From December - May, Sunday mornings are quiet in downtown Baltimore if you're away from the Inner Harbor. However, as soon as springtime hits and the local farms begin harvesting their crop and bringing them to market in Baltimore, the streets are hopping with people.

The GF and I strolled down to the market early this morning to check out the atmosphere, and purchase some much needed fresh fruits and vegetables. No offense to the Harbor East Whole Foods, but sometimes you're too extensive for what I need. Needless to say the market was bustling, and some of the lines were long, but everyone was amiable and enjoying their Sundays. Moms were pushing strollers, a few people brought their dogs, while others left their ill-tempered pets at home. One mom had her two young kids, who were dressed in their dragon pajamas complete with tail and hats, out in line waiting for eggs.

We spent the better part of an hour and returned with pickles, strawberries, mussels, fresh homemade granola, and some other important needs. Looking forward to next Sunday!

The Baltimore Farmers Market runs from May - December on Sunday mornings from 8am-Noon. It is located on Saratoga Street between Holliday and Gay Streets underneath the JFX (I-83). Parking can be found along Holliday Street and Guilford Ave, but walking is probably the best.

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