Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today is National Dump the Pump Day

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...and I drove to work, whoops. I almost never drive to work, but I inadvertently chose this to be one of those days. I'm going to take the Metro to head out to lunch today, does that make up for it?

This is the 5th year for the campaign that encourages people (for at least one day), stop driving and take public transit, or walk, or bike to your destination; whether that be work, school, or whatever. I didn't see any less cars on the road this morning in Baltimore, but then again I'm usually not one of those drivers, so maybe I just can't tell. However, I did see a noticeable jump in bike riders on Bike to Work Day in May.

So, if you didn't drive today to work then good on you! If you were like me and drove, well we have 365 days to remember not to drive next year on Dump the Pump Day.

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