Friday, July 16, 2010

Artscape Escape

Artscape starts tomorrow, so prepare for the 350,000 attendees that will descend on Mid-town and Station North. For all of you who drive to work along Charles Street...good luck! I would suggest taking any other route if possible, but regardless it's going to be a crazy Friday commute with all the streets closed up there in the area.

The Circulator has already seen disruptions, and some riders got stranded today by miscommunication, if anyone kept up with Michael Dresser at The Sun.

If you're heading up to Artscape, enjoy the fun! If you're getting cranky about the thought of a couple hundred thousand art geeks coming into town for the weekend, just remember it's only 3 days a year. Maybe spend the weekend in other neighborhoods, or take a day trip. As for me I'll avoid the crowds as much as possible, but I may check out the least until it gets too artsy for me.

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