Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bmore Skyline Restaurant Review?

I have never done a restaurant or bar review before because a.) I go to the same places all too often and b.) there are already enough reviewers out there on the Internet or newspaper, but I figured I would dabble.

The gf and I decided to try a new place (to us) last Friday night, and headed up to Maisy's on N. Charles Street. They have been open since last June, and I pass by nearly every day on my home from work, but I never stopped in. We're glad we did! From the outside, it doesn't look very big, but the white lights hanging from the awning are helpful in recognizing it from a distance. On nicer days the floor-to-ceiling front windows are opened and the sounds of diners and happy hour goers can be heard on the street. This particular night, with the temps above 90, they were shut and the A/C was on.

We arrived for a later dinner, around 8:45pm, and there was a decent crowd. Looking for the quickest seats in the house we headed for the bar, started off with a drink, and perused the menu. The stand out is the pizza. They make their own crust, sauce, and mozzarella cheese and the toppings are picked locally.  It was fantastic.

The wait staff was very attentive, and the owner Matt Helme who was working behind the bar introduced himself and chatted with us throughout the evening. It has a very friendly atmosphere, the type of place you can come in frequently because of specials, happy-hours, and the small local feel to the place. The parking situation isn't ideal, but its walkable from the apartments and condos of the CBD and the houses in Mount Vernon. The Circulator also has a stop just up the block.

If you haven't been already, I would consider checking it out. It has a "recession friendly" menu, with sandwiches under $10, most entrees under $20, and pizzas big enough for two starting at $10.95.

Maisy's is located at 313 N. Charles Street and is open at 11am. Daily Happy Hour is 4pm-7pm, and weekend Late Night Happy Hour is 11pm-2am.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing - I've always seen that place as well, but have never gone in. The "recession friendly" menu is such a good idea!

    You mentioned you go to the same places all the time - which ones?